Mandolin Lessons in the Bay Area

Mandolin lessons in the Bay Area from 2009

I love to teach. It is always a good opportunity to meet great people.
At the moment I teach in San Francisco on Wednesday, in Palo Alto on Fridays and in Oakland on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Lessons are normally one hour long with emphasis on developing a nice clear picking technique typical of classical Italian tradition. This is the technique that facilitates a nice expressive tremolo, the quintessential sound of the mandolin. In order to have a beautifully resonant sound it is very important to work on the left hand just as much as the right.

We mostly use Italian traditional methods and repertoire ranging from easy songs to baroque concertos to keep the lessons interesting and alive.

I prefer to have one lesson per week, but I am open to different arrangements.
For a first lesson simply send me a message.



2 thoughts on “Mandolin Lessons in the Bay Area”

  1. Hello, I live in the south bay and if you would ever consider having lessons in San Jose, I would be very interested.




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